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General Consultancy

community & creative events - conflict mediation - environmental security - trouble shooting & logistics

Exclusive Services

The General Consultancy is FREE 

for all community projects!!!

If you would like a free consultation on our free services please do not hesitate to get in touch!

Community & Creative Events

A wide range of events from jam sessions, concerts, workshops & festivals.


Conflict Mediation

With experience in neighborhood, personal and international conflict mediation, your situation will be handled impartially and professionally.


Environmental Security

As a student of environmental security specialising in water scarcity issues with years of experience in UK, US and European environmental policy  development and research, environmental consultancy is our specialty.


Trouble-shooting & Logistics

If you or your organisation is experiencing trouble then why not consider consulting an experienced trouble-shooter? Perspectives are not always so easy to find when stress hides the wood from the trees. From mediation of disputes to creative solutions, the General Consultancy may have the answer or even the right question for you!

Let's Work Together

The community is what we make of it.

Contact the General Consultancy now to see how your situation may not only be improved but may help others to learn!

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