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            There are many myths and legends surrounding the General Bazaar...

Have you heard the story about the mysterious blanket that he sometimes carries around? Some say this blanket has magical properties like invisibility or the ability to speak many languages. Some insist that it allows the wearer and their companions to stay warm and protected.


Others claim that this blanket is the original and last flag of humanity, awaiting the moment to be unfurled or passed on. When asked, the General Bazaar pretended to know nothing about it.

As a writer, composer and live performer, the General Bazaar is a campaigner for the role of art in activism. He tells me: "Writing for the muses of environmental and humanitarian justice is good therapy as well as, I believe, the natural evolution of art beyond the extension of the self. There is an artist in all of us, addressing all of us and demanding connection to a greater whole."

The General is also a consultant and events facilitator and, based in Brussels, offers many services throughout Europe but is more likely to accept requests from local community based projects and organisations.

“The General Bazaar is now an institution of Brussels”

– The Flying Post Radio Show (Antwerp) 2019.

Founder of the General Jam and Open Mic Sessions around 2010 in Lava Cafe with a focus to encourage song-writing in the community, this weekly jam is now the longest running uninterrupted jam session in Brussels.

The General also founded the 'Jam 4 Safer Spaces Campaign' which seeks to unite jam sessions and other creative events with standards and protocols to facilitate inclusive appreciation of art and also to see how values can be shared through that appreciation.

Invited to be a Jam Master and co-host of the Bizon Blues Jam in 2011, “...Was a great honour for me. The Bizon community is very special to me and part of the fabric of Brussels” said the General with a smile.

Singer, guitarist and composer with many bands, including the CONVOI GENERAL, VANGUARD, MT SHADOWS, COLD HARBOUR CONNECTION and THE CARDINAL POINTS OF CONSPIRACY, the General also performs solo.

If you are looking for ideas to spice up your nights or your engagement, with a concert or perhaps bringing your community together around a jam session or even if you would just like a host for a special evening:

If you can find him...

If justice is on your side and if you can afford him...

Maybe you can hire The General Bazaar

100% Bio

Tico keeping the general company in the HOP #TSR film shoot, pic by Dragan Marković

For answers, solutions and more questions, contact:


"there is reality
in dreams"

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