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Bands and Performing Projects





With Scott Hamilton (CA) on organ and synth,

Simon Vandueren (BE) on drums

Vassilis Harvalias (BE) on lead guitar

And General Bazaar on lead vocals and electric guitar

Next concert: ANTITAPAS Novermber 3rd, 2023


Performing solo or with other musicians, the sound of the General Bazaar can be tailored to meet different needs.  If you can find him, if you can afford him and if justice is on your side,  maybe you can hire the General Bazaar! Click on the images for more details. 

Untitled design.jpg

Whether monthly or weekly, lasting longer than standard concerts and with multiple musicians sharing their ideas, a jam session is a great way to build a musical scene.

It also says that a venue is serious about music and is an opportunity to bring people together around music.

Encouraging song-writing in Brussels since being founded in Lava Cafe in 2010, the General Jam & Open Mic. Sessions is now offering free consultation for existing jams and new project ideas.

follow the rabbit in you.png

Representing the original music of songwriter, General Bazaar, VANGUARD started out as a ragtime blues trio around British pianist Matt W. Rose and the dynamic Carlos Gaston on percussion. In 2019 the band welcomed Vassilis Harvalias on lead and bass guitars. Since then the band has been exploring a psychedelic edge with Mr. Gaston on drums.

Renown in their own Brussels circles and for their post-EU tours, follow the rabbit in you and open your eyes in a dream within a dream.

​​Be prepared to chill/dance, laugh/cry as VANGUARD hit the spot that most conventional bands cannot reach.

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